Why use a recruiter?

Perhaps you are looking to add to an already growing legal team, replace an employee who is leaving, seeking an individual with a particular skill set, exploring the idea of adding a new practice group or possibly even a merger.  A legal recruiter can expedite this process and save you both time and money.

Using a legal recruiter can help you find the most qualified candidates quickly.  KPS prides itself with knowing who the best potential candidates are in a given market.  You will find that the candidate you are looking for is probably not applying to or looking at job ads.  These are the candidates that you will meet when using an experienced and qualified recruiter.

KPS will interview all candidates as a prescreen for your open role.  We use our decades of legal experience to qualify only the best candidates for your open opportunities.  This gives you the hiring confidence to know that you are meeting only the most qualified candidates on the market.