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Khan Professional Staffing is a boutique recruiting firm specializing in the placement of legal professionals.  KPS specializes in finding attorneys, paralegals, and legal secretaries for both law firms and corporate legal departments.  Many times, KPS is engaged to fill open positions that have proven to be difficult to place.

Michelle Khan is the President and founder of KPS.  She is a licensed attorney and practiced law for a number of years before training her focus on legal recruiting.  Michelle joined a Fortune 500 legal staffing company in 2012 and experienced great success as a lead recruiter, staffing both temporary and permanent placements.  Her prior experience as an attorney has proved invaluable to her staffing career and has allowed her to be more efficient as a liaison between client and candidate.  She can inject an empathy as to both client and candidate, which leads her to be able to match up the right pair.

However, big company culture can come with big company baggage; the reality is that big recruiting firms operate in a world of high pressure sales goals and monthly quotas.  Legal recruiters at these firms are encouraged to show the client a broad range of candidates (many of whom are not qualified for the open position), and close recruiting deals that may not be in the client or candidate's best interests (or sometimes both).  Such tactics rightfully left a both client and candidate with distrust of the recruiter.  There had to be a better way.  A recruiter's primary focus should be on creating a lasting, synergistic partnership between the client and candidate. 


Michelle left and formed KPS with this vision in mind.  Taking the time to get to know both clients and candidates is likely to lead to long term success in placements.  Michelle's approach to staffing is customer-service based, and she is committed to upholding the highest degree of professionalism to the legal industry.  When you engage Michelle to assist with your legal search, you are getting her depth of legal knowledge and recruiting experience to assist you in finding the best candidate.

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